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Live Your BEST Vision

Am I A CLEAR Candidate?

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Welcome to CLEAR,

CLEAR is a lens-based Next-Generation vision correction procedure at Lusk Eye Specialists designed to help you enjoy a lifetime of the best possible vision. Our CLEAR procedure is designed to help patients 45 years of age and older reduce or eliminate their need for prescription glasses, contact lenses and even reading glasses. Our CLEAR procedures also include technology designed to correct your Astigmatism.

Thanks to recent advances in pre-operative diagnostics, laser technology and lens implant designs, the pioneering surgeons of Lusk Eye Specialists can now customize your vision correction procedure based on the following criteria:

• Your personal hobbies & lifestyle

• Your age & health of your eyes

• Your normal daily activities

• Your visual requirements at work

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Who Is An Ideal CLEAR Candidate?


• Men / Women 45 years of age or above wearing reading glasses

• Men / Women 60 years of age wearing prescription glasses / bifocals

• Active people with active lifestyles that require CLEAR, natural vision

• Anyone who wants to be LESS Dependent on prescription eyewear

Premium IOL Surgery: We offer a series of Premium IOL technologies designed to give patients a broader range of vision with little or no dependence on prescription eyewear after surgery. These lenses include the Panoptix IOL, which is the first trifocal IOL of its kind and offers near, intermediate & distance vision. The Eyhance & Vivity are other new IOLs using propriety

technology that allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted range of vision in both dim and bright lighting. The Symfony lOL is an extended-depth-of-focus lens designed to give you a broader range of vision. Our surgeons will help determine which of these lenses are right for you.

CLEAR procedures offered at Lusk 

CLEARClear Lens Extraction And lens Replacement