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Let’s do the LASIK Math. When it comes to seeing 20/20, what’s better: Renting your vision for the rest of your life with glasses or contacts? Or buying 20/20 vision with Lusk LASIK. Let’s do the math: 

- If you rent glasses, contacts and contacts for the rest of your life, those annual cost of a few hundred dollars can quickly add up to over $10,000. That’s more than double what you’ll pay for Lusk LASIK. But here’s the worst part. You’ll still be NEARsighted, FARsighted or have that Astigmatism you’ve been dealing with for years.

- With Lusk LASIK, you’ll pay under $4,000 and we’ll correct your NEARSIGHTEDNESS, FARSIGHTEDNESS and/or your Astigmatism. No glasses. No contacts. No solutions. No worries. All in under 60 seconds

So the choice is yours. Renting 20/20? Or Buying?

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