Dry Eye Treatments in Shrevport, LA

Lusk Eye Specialists provides exceptional care for patients looking to find relief from dried out, itchy, and irritated eyes through our dry eye treatment.

woman have dry eye disease

What Is Dry Eye Disease?

Dry eye disease is a common, yet uncomfortable condition where your eyes feel irritated, scratchy, and dehydrated. This usually occurs when your eyes either aren’t producing enough tears or are producing tears that are of low quality. There are a few potential causes for dry eye syndrome, and our expert team can identify the root cause of your condition with our advanced technology.

Common Symptoms of Dry Eye

Dry eye has many common symptoms, including:

  • Dry, irritated eyes
  • Bloodshot-looking or eyes with a red appearance
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurry vision
  • Stinging, scratching, or burning sensations
  • Watery eyes
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elderly have dry eyes

What Are the Causes of Dry Eye Disease?

There are two main types of dry eye syndrome: aqueous and evaporative. Aqueous dry eye occurs when the eye’s lacrimal gland isn’t producing enough tears. Evaporative dry eye occurs when the glands responsible for producing the oil in your tears, known as the meibomian glands, are blocked, causing tears that evaporate too quickly. This is caused when the ratio of the three components of healthy tears — oil, mucus, and water — is unbalanced.

How Do You Test for Dry Eye?

At Lusk Eye Specialists, we start our dry eye testing with a conversation about your experience with dry eye disease so we can customize our care to your specific needs. We’ll then use advanced diagnostic technology to locate the source of your dry eye disease and then tailor a plan that addresses your case at its source.

woman taking dry eye test at Lusk Eye Specialists

Dry Eye Treatment Options at Lusk Eye Specialists

There are a few over-the-counter options that can work for some cases of dry eye, but our experts can help identify the best choice for your situation. As your eye care experts, you can count on us to point you in the direction that will lead to relief.

patient have TearCare at Lusk Eye Specialists


TearCare® uses targeted heat therapy to painlessly clear up meibomian gland blockage, which can lead to dry eye disease.

woman taking OptiLight at Lusk Eye Specialists


This procedure uses intense, precise bursts of light to clear up inflammation in the eyelids and meibomian glands, which can cause dry eye symptoms.

amniotic membrane therapy patient

Amniotic Membrane therapy

This treatment option uses small discs of tissue to stimulate cell growth and heal the front surface of the eye.

woman apply Lid Cleansing at Lusk Eye Specialists

Lid Cleansing

A thorough cleansing of the eyelids allows better production of tear oils, which will calm the eye and may even stimulate new and longer eyelash growth.

patient have punctal plugs at Lusk Eye Specialists

Punctal Plugs

These are small devices that allow more tears to remain in the eyes, bathing the front surface in moisture and keeping them hydrated.

patient Scleral lenses at Lusk Eye Specialists

Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses are custom-fit contact lenses that create a tear reservoir to keep moisture on the surface of the eye while also providing clear, crisp vision.

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Our Dry Eye Specialist

Our dry eye center is led by the talented Pamela E. Theriot, O.D., F.A.A.O. She is an internationally recognized authority in dry eye disease and is skilled at identifying the underlying issue leading to her patients’ individual cases. In 2018, she used her experience in treating dry eye to author a book, “Alleviating Dry Eye,” as an educational guide for patients. Get a copy at your next visit.

What Our Patients Say

12:11 21 Jun 24
I am currently seeing Dr. Theriot for treatment of my dry eye problems. My eyes are so much better thanks to her. Her kindness and wisdom is matchless!
Shirley redmonShirley redmon
00:03 18 Jun 24
Everyone was super nice and kind
Charlotte DeanCharlotte Dean
23:22 17 Jun 24
Wonderful care, treatment, and results!
D C FalconD C Falcon
17:20 17 Jun 24
Jimmy SawyerJimmy Sawyer
15:35 14 Jun 24
mulona thomasmulona thomas
21:40 13 Jun 24
My experience was great! They really took their time and explained everything to me in detail. I will definitely be back next year or any time in between.
Ray BureauRay Bureau
23:53 28 May 24
Dr. Bryan Lusk did a superb job with my cataract surgery. He explained my options and then performed the surgery flawlessly. His staff and nurses made me comfortable and explained the procedure every step of the way. I was treated respectfully and professionally.Thank you Dr. Bryan for restoring my sight!
Carolyn HeastonCarolyn Heaston
04:40 24 May 24
Just had cataract surgery & everyone's attitudes were positive & all staff were super nice & accommodating. I'm having the other eye done next week. My eye is so much clearer & my world is brighter. It's amazing!
Tiffany SawyerTiffany Sawyer
21:20 13 Feb 24
My husband and I had elective cataract surgery with Dr. Bryan.The whole process went seamlessly. Dr. Bryan was very knowledgeable and meticulous about all the details to help us decide which lens was right for us and has a very friendly disposition. His staff is also very friendly and professional which makes a pleasant enviornment. The Lusk Center has the most cutting edge technology. I still wonder how a cataract can be put in the eye and then a machine can adjust it for superb vision. Simply amazing! Thank you, Dr. Bryan and staff!!
Brooke EBrooke E
18:35 03 Feb 24
Everyone was so nice and professional from the very beginning. And, the lady who is in there helping the doc when the surgery is actually being done is soooo good at her job. I was very nervous, and she talked to me through the whole thing. It helped so much. And almost eight months later, my eyes are doing great! Love this place!
Gary RoachGary Roach
17:44 18 May 23
I came to Lusk at the end of March 2023 and was set up for April 3 to have my left eye surgery for cataracts, I had my right eye done on April 24th. The surgery results were amazing, I am very pleased and the staff were very supportive, professional and friendly. I would recommend Lusk to anyone that needs their services.
Debra HallDebra Hall
17:33 18 May 23
I’ve been a client of Lusk Eye specialist for at least 25 year and would recommend them to others. The wait time is reasonable and they cover all areas diagnostically to assure proper treatment. The staff is trained well and friendly.
Alan StricklandAlan Strickland
17:32 21 Mar 23
Excellent care and concern! From good vision 4 months ago to nothing to a blurred mess I was scared that I was completely losing my sight. I went to Lusk to try to find out they told me that the medication I was taking to control my multiple myeloma cancer was causing the quick onset of cataracts in both eyes. 1month later perfect vision. Thank you Bryan Lusk and your wonderful staff.
Angie PAngie P
05:09 10 Mar 23
I got the ICL by Dr. Bryan Lusk,I can finally see my tv without glasses. I was so scared of tools coming towards my eyes but didn't see a thing. it was a piece of cake. Highly recommend him.
Sherri TietjenSherri Tietjen
00:20 24 Jan 23
Everything was fuzzy. The lens that change with uv light are great. I can read signs on the road with one eye. . I can see every leaf on the trees now. I can now read with the other eye again. They were great team to work with.

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