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Patient enjoying life after Lasik


LASIK at Lusk Eye Specialists will not only change the way you SEE. It will change the way you LIVE! From your first consultation for laser eye surgery at Lusk Eye Specialists to the final post-operative follow-up, you’ll feel The Lusk Difference in action.


Cataract Surgery patients in Louisiana

Cataract Surgery

For 40 years, the surgeons at Lusk Eye Specialists have set the standard for cataract care in the Ark-La-Tex. From pioneering the latest breakthroughs in laser and lens implant technology to providing more affordable cataract surgery options with our dedicated outpatient surgery center, Lusk Eye Specialists remain the clear choice for restoring your vision through cataract surgery.


Glaucoma patient at Lusk Eye Specialist


At Lusk Eye Specialists, we know that glaucoma can be a frightening diagnosis. You may not know how severe your glaucoma is, or what your options are for treatment. And, you may not be sure who to trust with your ongoing eye health and vision while managing this disease. The entire Lusk team is here to be your resource when you’re looking for effective management and treatment of your glaucoma, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve when you have a complex eye condition.


Patient seeking dry eye treatment in Shreveport, LA

Dry Eye

Dry eye is rapidly becoming more common across the US, and Shreveport is no exception. As we have increased our dependence on digital devices in our daily lives, dry eye symptoms are showing up for more and more patients. Sometimes these symptoms can come about so slowly that patients don’t even realize that their eyes are dry. They assume their discomfort is normal because of the hours they are spending on the computer or just a part of getting older.


Woman seeking Cornea Transplant from Lusk Eye Specialists

Cornea Transplant

A range of corneal issues can cause vision impairment and chronic eye pain. In some cases, we can treat these issues in non-invasive ways, but in others, a cornea transplant is the only available option for restoring your vision and relieving your discomfort.