Bryan E. Lusk, M.D.

Bryan E. Lusk, M.D.

As a highly-coveted, fellowship-trained corneal specialist, Bryan Lusk, MD, could have practiced anywhere in the country. However, of all his many choices, he chose to come home and work with his father. Little did ‘Dr. Bryan’ know that not long after returning to Shreveport, he and his brother, Jeffrey Lusk, MD, would be given the unique opportunity to restore their father’s vision through cataract surgery.

Today, as one of the leading LASIK and cataract surgeons in the region, Dr. Bryan knows that coming home to practice with his father and brother has been a dream come true. It’s rare for fathers and sons to be given the opportunity to work together — but it’s even rarer that they’re given the gift of being able to restore the vision of friends, family members, and neighbors they grew up with.

You might think that because Dr. Bryan, Dr. Jeffrey, and Dr. James Lusk spend most of their days working side-by-side, they’d like to get away from each other in their spare time. But all three families frequently find themselves enjoying weekends and evenings together. It’s all about family with the Lusks!

Medical Training


Eye Consultants of Atlanta, Piedmont Better Vision
and Piedmont Hospital

Cornea, External Disease Fellowship and Refractive surgery Fellowship2009—2010

Georgetown University Hospital/Washington Hospital Center

Ophthalmology Residency2006—2009

Georgetown University Hospital/Washington Hospital Center,
Department of Internal Medicine


Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Medical Degree2001—2005

Wake Forest University

B.S. Biology1997—2001


Lusk Eye Specialists


Eye Consultants of Atlanta

Cornea, External Disease, and Refractive Surgery Fellow


“A Prospective, Randomized Trial of DSAEK Outcomes Comparing Different
Donor Preparation Devices”

International Journal of Eye Banking2012




American Board of Ophthalmology
American Academy of Ophthalmology
American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
Shreveport Medical Society
Louisiana Lions Eye Bank, International Sight Restoration, Lions Eye Institute Transplant & Research (Medical Director)
Medical Ministry International & Christian Ophthalmic Surgery Expedition Network (ChOSEN Ophthalmologist and Cataract Surgeon)


Couldn't see the 'E'!


Fun fact about me; I had to have a waiver to be in the military, much less to fly, because my vision was so awful. I was the person who couldn’t see the E at the top of the eye charts, just a white space where the letter should be. Started at a -9.00 in my 20’s, creeping up to -11 by my 30s. I did (more than one) Lasik/PRK consultation hoping one day I would get a different answer, but it was always the same: Between my high myopia and my astigmatism, it was never going to be an option for me. I wasn’t really looking forward to a lifetime of patting down the bedside table in order to find my glasses or of having to carry spare glasses and contacts in my purse because losing a contact while I was out and about would mean that I was stranded (kinda have to see the white lines on the road in order to drive, hah!) I had made peace with that when along comes the newest thing, Visian Toric ICL’s, implantable contact lenses for people with astigmatism. One day after my very quick surgery and I am already seeing 20/20. I am so thankful to Dr. Bryan Lusk and Lusk Eye Specialists. It’s such a blessing, you can’t even imagine.

LAURIE H. Cataract surgery patient from BLANCHARD, LOUISIANA

Legally blind... from -17 to... 20/20 WITHOUT corrective lenses!


I’ve worn glasses or contacts for the past 51 years. My vision progressively worsened over the years until I was legally blind without corrective lenses. Dr. Bryan Lusk performed cataract surgery and I went from -17 to being able to see 20/20 WITHOUT corrective lenses! I am beyond ecstatic. I would urge anyone on the fence about where to have eye surgery done to choose Lusk Eye Specialists. I’m so glad I did.

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Dr. Bryan Lusk makes this DMEK procedure an art.

Fit for Life Health & Wellness Expo

Dr. Bryan Lusk at Super-Mann Blount's NBC 6 / Fit for Life Health & Wellness Expo

Dr. Bryan Lusk’s dedication to best patient care keeps him constantly bringing the best outcomes in eye care from around the world back to his hometown.

Jun 23, 2019

Dr. Bryan Lusk, DMEK Surgeon

Dr. Bryan Lusk, world-renowned DMEK surgeon and guest speaker

Besides being one of the few physicians in the world skilled in the advanced DMEK procedure, invited to lecture and train MDs and PhDs in locales such as Washington, D.C. and China, Dr. Bryan Lusk is the first physician in North Louisiana to provide Visian Toric ICL to patients whose myopic prescriptions and astigmatism are too high for LASIK.

Jun 23, 2019

Dr. Bryan Lusk and family

Dr. Bryan Lusk and family at the Norton Art Gallery grounds

Dr. Bryan Lusk’s faith, commitment to treat each patient like his own family member, and excellent interpersonal communication skills are reflected in his well-liked bedside manner, locally and on medical mission trips.

Jun 23, 2019

Dr. Bryan Lusk Cover of SB Magazine

Dr. Bryan Lusk on the cover of SB Magazine

Dr. Bryan Lusk and his wife, Stephanie Yu Lusk (director of the Marlene Yu Museum and Rainforest Art Foundation), have two children. They enjoy a variety of outdoor sports, notably competitive whitewater kayaking and snowboarding, and experiencing diverse cultures.

Jun 24, 2019

Dr. Bryan Lusk with Catie

Dr. Bryan Lusk with Catie who previously "Couldn't see the 'E'"

Not a candidate for LASIK because your prescription and astigmatism are too high? Trust in Dr. Bryan Lusk—1st Visian Toric ICL in North Louisiana and top LASIK Alternatives.

Jun 23, 2019

Dr. Bryan Lusk with Katrina and Demetrius Early for her birthday LASIK

Dr. Bryan Lusk with Katrina and Demetrius Early for her birthday LASIK

Jul 29, 2019
Dr. Bryan Lusk Interview at NBC

Dr. Bryan Lusk with Miss Louisiana Lauren Vizza and Steve Bender at NBC

Dr. Bryan Lusk answers the question: Can LASIK and cataract surgery prolong your life, or the lives of your loved ones?

Jun 23, 2019