Keratoconus is an eye disease that causes progressive steepening of the corneal surface over time and can result in the need for specialty contact lenses, and in some cases, corneal surgery. In early to moderate stages, collagen cross linking is a treatment that has shown promise to help slow or stabilize the progression of corneal thinning. Your initial examination will help to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Irregular corneal curvatures due to keratoconus, corneal ectasia, post refractive surgery, post penetrating keratoplasty, and scarring due to infection or injury, may require contact lenses that are custom fit and manufactured. The contact lenses provide a smooth, regular surface and can give excellent visual results. One type of custom contact lens is called a scleral lens.

Scleral lenses are rigid gas permeable lenses that have a large diameter that vaults over the irregular surface of the eye and corrects vision by providing a smooth refracting surface. These lenses may be an option for people who have been previously unsuccessful with contact lenses.

If your eye doctor recommends scleral lenses, we will perform corneal topography and an evaluation that involves a trial fitting. The fitting examination can take approximately two hours and will involve lenses being placed on the eye and measurements made to determine the final parameters. If you are in need of both distance and near vision correction (presbyopia), the lenses may be able to correct both, or you may need to wear reading glasses over your distance contact lens correction. Lenses are custom ordered and received in approximately one week. At that time, an appointment is made to provide instruction on proper insertion and removal of the lenses, care, and handling instruction, and dispense an initial supply of materials and solutions needed to get started wearing your new lenses.