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iDESIGN® 2.0 LASIK, The Next Generation in Refractive Vision Correction

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LASIK at Lusk Eye Specialists will not only change the way you SEE. It will change the way you LIVE! From your first consultation for laser eye surgery at Lusk Eye Specialists to the final post-operative follow-up, you’ll feel The Lusk Difference in action.

In our continuing effort to set the standard in LASIK, the surgeons at Lusk Eye Specialists are proud to introduce iDESIGN LASIK 2.0, the only topography-integrated, wavefront-guided LASIK procedure approved by the U.S. FDA for the correction of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. This is truly one of the most significant LASIK breakthroughs we’ve seen in the past decade.

What does that mean for you? It now means we have the potential to improve your vision past the capabilities of either glasses or contacts. In fact, if you’re an ideal candidate, iDESIGN 2.0 can take your vision BEYOND 20/20. And it all starts with a single, three-second scan of the entire human optical system. Yes, just 3 seconds.

Our highly trained LASIK specialists are proud to serve the communities of Shreveport, Minden, Carthage, Marshall, and their surrounding areas. Our clinics boast brand new, state-of-the-art equipment — and are currently accepting new patients! To schedule a complimentary iDESIGN 2.0 LASIK consultation, call our office at (318) 378-5594 or click here to schedule a free LASIK consultation.

LASIK Eye Surgery in Marshall and Carthage

We’re proud to provide LASIK surgery to our communities in Marshall and Carthage. Call us for a consultation to see if you’re a qualified candidate.

Come Experience The Lusk LASIK Advantage

Making the right LASIK choice when selecting your LASIK provider can make all the difference in the world. We have staff members dedicated to the patient experience. We have surgeons who pioneered refractive surgery in our region. We’ve even created a comfortable space for you to spend time on the day of your initial exam.

At Lusk Eye Specialists, we combine over 20 years of unmatched LASIK experience with the most advanced customized LASIK technology available today to give you the ultimate LASIK experience. This includes customizing a LASIK treatment plan that is as unique to your vision as your fingerprint and DNA.

The Most Experienced LASIK Surgeons in Shreveport

At Lusk, we have the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the region. After all, our own James E. Lusk, M.D., was one of the doctors who brought refractive surgery to Shreveport in the first place.

Dr. Lusk has decades of LASIK experience, and his credentials make him among the most qualified LASIK surgeons in the Ark-La-Tex. He’s been fellowship-trained on the cornea and is one of only 50 ophthalmologists approved as a Laser Vision Correction Instructor to train others in using the state-of-the-art VISX STAR S4 IR® excimer laser.

Today, our LASIK surgery team includes Dr. James Lusk’s two sons, Bryan E. Lusk, M.D., and Jeffrey D. Lusk, M.D. Together, they hold an array of certifications and specializations, completing thousands of Shreveport eye surgeries over our many years in business. This experience and expertise enable us to provide vision correction to a wider range of patients, helping more people reach their ideal vision every day.

What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

For nearly three decades, LASIK laser vision correction has been the safest and most popular method of vision correction in the world. Since 1990, LASIK has helped millions of patients just like you look beyond their glasses and contact lenses.

LASIK is actually an acronym that stands for Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis. It has two steps. Step one is the creation of a thin corneal flap that serves as a protective layer and improves healing time. The second step involves gently lifting the corneal flap and using an Excimer laser to reshape the inner layers of the cornea using non-thermal (cool) beams of light.

A LASIK procedure takes only a few minutes to complete, but patients may be in the laser suite for 15-20 minutes. Patients remain awake and comfortable during LASIK and report very little discomfort. Here at Lusk Eye Specialists, we perform LASIK in the comfort and safety of a specially designed laser suite that is located in our out-patient surgery center next door to Lusk Eye Specialists. To help reduce possible risks and complications, factors such as humidity, temperature, and overall air quality are closely monitored and maintained.

Cutting-Edge Lusk LASIK: iDESIGN® 2.0

We’re proud to use the iDESIGN® 2.0 Refractive Studio, the only topography-integrated and wavefront-guided LASIK procedure approved by the FDA. Here’s how it can benefit you:

We begin with a wavefront analysis, which tracks how light travels inside your eye. This analyzes thousands of unique features within your eye and allows for the most precise procedure possible.

We then use corneal topography to scan the outer surface of your eye, which measures and analyzes miniscule variations in its curvature and elevation.z

This combination represents one of the most significant breakthroughs in LASIK surgery this decade. This data is used in programming the lasers, which allows us to customize your surgery to your eyes in ways that simply weren’t possible before. In fact, testing found that the majority of patients actually achieve 20/16 vision — which is significantly better than 20/20 vision — using iDESIGN® 2.0. This is also the only available custom LASIK platform to perform monovision LASIK, which is used to treat presbyopia, or nearsightedness caused by the natural aging of the eye’s lens.

This system uses some of the most advanced medical lasers on the market, the VISX STAR S4 IR® excimer laser and iFS® IntraLase® femtosecond laser, which our Lusk Eye Specialist eye surgeons have mastered. This allows us to provide the safest and most precise LASIK surgery possible.

What to Expect from Lusk LASIK

During a free LASIK consultation, you’ll have a chance to sit down with one of our expert surgeons and discuss the details. We’ll talk to you about your vision goals, your eye health, and your lifestyle, and run through some initial tests to make sure you’re a candidate. If you’re not a candidate for LASIK, we may discuss other options that may be a better fit for you, like PRK or ICL.

If you are, we’ll schedule a time for an appointment that we call a “refractive new patient evaluation”. This will be an extremely thorough exam, during which you and any guests you bring with you will be able to take advantage of the comfort and amenities available in our LASIK Lounge.

Throughout your entire Lusk LASIK experience, you’ll have a dedicated Lusk LASIK liaison by your side. This is a specialized member of our LASIK team whose only job is to help you understand what to expect in each phase of your journey to clear vision. They’ll guide you through your initial appointments and be there on the day of your surgery at our convenient laser suite next door.

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Our VIP LASIK Lounge for VIP LASIK Patients

As part of the exceptional level of quality at Lusk Eye Specialists, we are proud to offer our LASIK patients a comfortable place to discuss the amazing benefits of LASIK and enjoy educational videos about their life-changing procedure. Our LASIK Lounge is fully equipped with leather chairs, free wi-fi with computer access, a flat screen TV, and even some refreshments! Lusk Eye Specialists wants our patients to feel as comfortable with us as they would in their own homes.

Want to Learn More About LASIK at Lusk Eye Specialists?

Because of our unmatched combined cornea experience at Lusk Eye Specialists, we feel we offer patients the best LASIK procedure in the Ark-La-Tex. LASIK is a safe and proven two-step procedure that uses non-thermal (cool) beams of light to alter the shape of the cornea in ¼ micron increments to reduce or eliminate your need for prescription glasses or contact lenses. During the past 20 years, Dr. James Lusk, Dr. Bryan Lusk, and Dr. Jeffrey Lusk have successfully performed thousands of custom LASIK procedures and are among the most uniquely qualified LASIK surgeons in the region.

All three Lusk surgeons utilize the highest quality laser available — the VISX Excimer Laser — to perform laser vision correction for our patients. VISX is the most widely used excimer laser in the world to perform LASIK and was the first laser to receive FDA approval to perform LASIK on patients with high degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Depending on the thickness of your corneal surface, we perform two methods of laser vision correction: LASIK and PRK. Our surgeons and doctors believe so strongly in laser vision correction that many of them have had LASIK done to improve their own vision. The Lusk LASIK surgeons usually perform laser vision correction on Thursdays and Fridays.

If you would like more information on Lusk LASIK or PRK — or would like to contact our Laser Vision Correction Coordinator — contact us or call (318) 378-5594 for a free information packet.