LASIK Cost and Financing in Shreveport, LA

The team at Lusk Eye Specialists is proud to demonstrate The Lusk Difference when it comes to LASIK: cutting-edge iDESIGN® 2.0 LASIK technology, performed by the most experienced eye surgeons in the Ark-La-Tex, and supported by a staff committed to a truly excellent patient experience from start to finish.

Part of the way we achieve this involves making sure every patient considering LASIK understands the costs and payment options associated with this life-changing procedure. Below, you can learn more about Lusk LASIK, what makes it worthwhile, and the best ways to finance your surgery.

What You’re Paying for with Shreveport LASIK

We work hard to make LASIK eye surgery as affordable and easy for patients as possible. At the same time, we want to assure you that you’re getting your money’s worth when you trust your vision to the LASIK eye surgeons at Lusk Eye Specialists. Patients who choose to have their LASIK with us receive:

  • LASIK eye surgery from our pioneering, compassionate, and detail-oriented surgical team, who come with years of experience and dozens of certifications and licenses between them.
  • Eye Surgery Center Facility fee
  • Access to our state-of-the-art iDESIGN® 2.0 Refractive Studio and other cutting-edge medical technology in our eye surgery center.
  • Post-operative exams for a year after the procedure to ensure that your eyes heal properly, and your vision correction is a lasting success.
  • Procedure enhancement coverage within the first year after surgery to protect your investment and provide peace of mind.

The Best Ways to Pay For LASIK

LASIK is far more affordable than a lifetime of prescription eyewear, and it offers a peace of mind and freedom from eyewear that you can’t put a price on.

But we know that price does matter — to us, a great patient experience doesn’t just mean expert treatment, it also means affordable care. We’re aware that LASIK is a larger initial investment than a year of glasses or contacts, and we want to help make paying for this life-changing procedure as easy as possible

LASIK and Insurance Coverage

LASIK is a bit more complicated when it comes to insurance coverage than other eye surgeries, such as cataract surgery, which are deemed “medically necessary.” LASIK, and other refractive eye surgeries like PRK, are generally considered to be “elective” by insurance companies. This usually means that insurance won’t cover these surgeries, or may only offer little financial assistance.

However, this is slowly changing. Some insurance companies are coming around to the idea that LASIK saves them money over time as well, just as it saves our patients money, and are more likely to help cover LASIK. Every insurance provider, and plan, is different: we recommend that you contact your provider directly to ask about their LASIK coverage.



One way that patients often choose to help cover their Shreveport LASIK surgery is with Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flex Spending Accounts (FSA). These are specialized accounts used to set aside funds for qualifying healthcare purchases, like LASIK and a variety of other vision correction procedures offered at Lusk Eye Specialists.

We’re committed to helping you understand complex healthcare costs, and if you have any questions about HSA or FSA, we’re happy to help you find answers. Call our team at Lusk Eye Specialists at (318) 378-5594 to learn more and get any clarification you need.

LASIK Financing Options Through CareCredit®

One of the best ways to pay for LASIK is to not pay it all at once. Instead, you can finance the procedure with CareCredit®, North America’s leading patient payment program. CareCredit® offers:

  • Multiple plans to meet specific financing needs.
  • Zero interest for 24 months
  • Low monthly payments.
  • No upfront costs or pre-payment penalties.

For less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee, you can easily afford LASIK surgery and achieve a lifetime of clearer sight.
To learn more, visit or call our office at (318) 378-5594 to speak with our informed staff. Know you’re interested? Apply online for your CareCredit® card today.

Care Credit

Discounts for LASIK at Lusk Eye Specialists

  • Cash, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order: For patients who can pay for LASIK all at once, we offer a special discount: anyone who pays for LASIK with cash, cashier’s check, or money order will receive 5% off their LASIK procedure cost!.
  • Teachers: Bring your School ID to your consultation for a 5% discount on your refractive surgery.
  • Heroes: Military, firefighters, police officers, and healthcare workers can all qualify for a Hero’s discount for surgery. Ask about this discount at your free LASIK consultation.
  • Referred by a friend? Have your friend/family send you a digital referral/ambassador card to show at your consultation. This card can save you money!