The Lusk LASIK Advantage

Top 10 Reasons for choosing Lusk Eye Specialists

We know that making the right choice about your vision can make all the difference. We’ve outlined the top 10 advantages you’ll enjoy when you have LASIK by Dr. James Lusk, Dr. Bryan Lusk or Dr. Jeffrey Lusk.

  1. Our method of CustomVue iLASIK is endorsed by both the US military and NASA
  2. Lusk eye specialists performs both all-laser ILASIK and the military method of LASIK as well (PRK)
  3. Lusk eye specialists offers patients the best LASIK value in the ARK-LA-TEX
  4. Lusk eye specialists offers standardized surgical techniques for best outcomes & unequalled safety
  5. Eye Specialists performs iLASIK in the comfort & safety of an approved ASC & DNA
  6. Lusk eye specialists performs personalized LASIK as customized as your fingerprint & DNA
  7. Lusk Eye ecialists offers more advanced diagnostic technology than most other centers
  8. The vast majority of Lusk Eye Specialists iLASIK patients enjoy 20/20 vision or better
  9. All LASIK patients are seen before, during and after by our LASIK sugeons
  10. We offer LASIK benefits plans to local fire, police, EMS, teachers and medical personnel